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Stepping Stone Brewing Company



We brew ambitious beers founded on scientific methods. We craft balanced brews with broad appeal in taste, welcoming both enthusiasts and newcomers alike.


 The driving force behind Stepping Stone is the inclusion of refugees. Through their involvement at the brewery, they will receive a ticket to the Danish job market.


Our dream and
goal is to create opportunities

Being a part of the modern workforce is often a very demanding task, for any member of the workforce. Both in regards to time, workload, commitment, and social competences. 

Because of this, many socially vulnerable people are left outside of the able workforce - Even while they do wish to work. At the same time, modern studies show that, what could help a person overcome personal struggle is a stable job. That’s a challenge.

Stepping Stone is dreaming of being a part of solving, for refugees in Denmark.


Together with the Danish employment authorities, we’ve devised a program tailor-suited to improving the conditions of refugees that want to enter the Danish workforce. At our program a wide-range of employment options, based on the needs of the individual, will be made available. Meaning that the amount of time, and workload, will be based on their current ability. At the same time, tag-along courses will be made available, during job training at Stepping Stone. These could be language-courses in Danish, or English, or for another example obtaining a driver's license.

At Stepping Stone, we don’t just want to give people a job. We want to reignite their passion for their own chosen field of work, adapted to the brewery industry. For example, a person who used to deliver mail or packages, could perhaps find equal joy in delivering crates of beer to happy customers? Or something they are passionate about.


Who knows what opportunities may arise, from an open-minded and resource-focused approach to a new potential employee.Employment at Stepping Stone could simply be just that; a stepping stone to fully entering the workforce, in any chosen field.However, should they so choose, we envision Stepping Stone to be a place where we invite refugees to be a part of the brewery. A community where their personal stories matter, and their suggestions could be implemented to the final product. That’s what we believe to be a dignified job, that will inspire both commitment and fulfillment.

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